Clemmy Ann Bastin

Welcome to Our Pink Doors: Words from Our Director

The Barbara Ann’s School of Dance offers our students a facility that encourages strong work ethic, commitment, team work, technical excellence, and innovative choreography. As Director, I am dedicated to giving each individual student the best dance education possible. I realize that each dancer will develop and reach their highest level of ability differently.

Some dancers will progress quickly, while others will need more time to learn and grow. It is important for parents to trust my knowledge as the owner/director, and know that I will always do what is best for each individual dancer.

I will give my 100% commitment and passion for dance to my students, and I will expect all of my students and TEAM BASD to give 100% of their commitment and passion in return.

I have carefully selected an incredible staff of instructors who will encourage dancers and enrich them with valuable knowledge and skill. This season, and for many years to come, we will encourage our students to be the best, most well rounded dancers that they can be. We will instill life skills and dance skills that will take them confidently into their futures as dancers and young adults

Dancingly Yours,
Clemmy Ann

Our Faculty of Dance Instructors

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